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I help busy people use fitness as a vehicle to transform their lives with practical training and coaching that improves their physique, relationship with food, mindset and overall lifestyle.

Evans Performance Coaching

Life transformations through fitness are at the heart of what we do. We’re not just another average fitness training business – our mission is to help you become the BEST version of yourself so you can conquer all areas of life. Our programs are customized to help you get fit as f*ck, look absolutely amazing, feel super confident and build a mindset that empowers you to attack life so you can succeed in anything you do.

Our story began with a simple yet powerful idea: fitness can be used as an incredible tool to transform lives for the better. This is a concept that has been proven time and again, and it’s what fuels our passion to change lives every single day. That is why we’re here to guide you through a journey that’s not just about physical changes, but also about holistic growth and personal empowerment so you can be proud of the person you look at in the mirror.



Wheather you are a busy professional looking to get in shape with home workouts or a seasoned athlete wanting to push yourself to new pleteaus, we have training programs that meet your needs, fit into your schedule and get you the results you want.


A highly practical, home & travel fitness program for busy people who want to get back in shape, improve their physique, boost their confidence, kick-start their fitness journey.


An intensive body recomposition and transformational program for unleashing your full potential, burning off stubborn fat, building muscle mass and make noticeable improvements in your physique. 



A program that helps you maintain the physique, figure, mindset and level of discipline so you don’t slip back into being a slob.


An intensive in-person fitness and training retreat in Bali. Daily personalized gym sessions, epic nature excursions, rest/recovery days and a memorable time in the island of the Gods.

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If you improve your physique, relationship with food, mindset, and make lifestyle changes, you will become a more focused, disciplined, and better version of yourself. When you do the work, stay consistent in your progress, track your activities, and follow our programs, you WILL see results.

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The human body is an adaptive organism so it needs controlled physical stress to grow. Without the right dose of sweat-inducing, muscle-aching stress, that body you dream about will remain a distant fantasy.


Proper nutrition is key to your health, it helps your body recover from training sessions and it is the key to giving you the fuel you need to conquer life’s challenges. It is what helps keep the weight off, it keeps your body looking slim and sexy plus it gives you the fuel you need to get out there and attack life. 


You can have the BEST training and nutrition plans that have been customized for your goals, however if you don’t know how to push through the discomfort, if you lack grit and if you don’t stay consistent, you will not see any progress. Your mindset is where belief transforms into action, and action creates results.


Creating a new lifestyle is where your everyday choices become the stepping stones to a life that’s unstoppable. Weaving fitness into your days, tracking the essentials, and unleashing the power of discipline. Every little choice that shapes your world. Your lifestyle paints a complete picture of your level of mental and physical health, it also is an indicator of your level of discipline, drive and commitment.


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