A Total Body Recomposition and Transformation Program

that will get you FIT and SEXY as f*ck!

Savage Unleashed

UNLEASHED! is an intensive body recomposition program that will help you start working out in the gym, lose weight, build lean muscle mass and make noticeable improvements to your physique.  

GYM Equiptment needed

If you are not f*cking around and really get down to business, this program is for dedicated winners who are ready for noticable results.

For this program you will need gym access to use:





Are you finally ready for a personalized fitness program that will get you in amazing shape, help you eat right, change your mindset and normalize a healthy lifestyle so you can transform into a stronger, sexier and more confident version of yourself?

This fitness program has been specifically designed to help busy people (like you), get in shape, improve your diet, shift your mindset and improve your lifestyle using a science-based combination of the 

4 Pillars of performance


phase1<br />

Phase 1: Getting Comfortable in the Gym

We will teach you proper form and posture and get you confident in lifting weights, using machines and working out in the gym. This program will give you a combination of strength training exercises, mass building exercise and endurance building exercises that will prepare you for progressively safely stepping up your intensity while avoiding injuries. 


You will progressively move to more intensive workouts that build muscle mass, burn off fat, build your self confidence and create noticeable improvements in your physique. 

phase1<br />


During this program, you’ll be changing your body composition, seeing clear muscle definition in your physique, improving your posture, progressively increasing your physical strength and pushing the limits of your endurance. When you unleash this power, you’ll be able to take the same level of commitment, discipline, confidence, grit and raw savagery into ANY area of life. 


Active recovery is part of this program. It will ensure you see improvements in your physique, while minimizing muscle soreness and increasing mobility.

During this program you will be doing two main types of active recovery:


Is where active recovery alternates with high-intensity exercise; the pro-style cooldown, involving lower-intensity exercises immediately after a workout; and rest days with a twist, where light activity keeps your muscles engaged during recovery.


Walking, swimming, biking, or stretching work wonders for active recovery, getting your heart rate to 30-60% of max. This approach increases blood flow, sweeps away lactic acid, reduces muscle soreness, and boosts endurance and power. 



In the SAVAGE – UNLEASHED program, we’re fully aware that if you’re new to the world of weightlifting and muscle gain, therefore your nutritional path will need its own unique contours. Your customized nutrition plan will be your compass to guide you towards the body you want. 


Our approach goes beyond just providing a list of what to eat and when to eat it. We aim to empower you with detailed insights into the realm of nutrition for athletes. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be equipped to make conscious, health-focused food choices, even within the hustle and bustle of your busy life.

Healthy and Balanced Recipes 

These dishes don’t just cater to your nutritional needs; they’re also tailored for practicality, ensuring you stay steadfast on the path to your fitness goals. With SAVAGE-UNLEASHED, we’re not merely sculpting your physique; we’re reshaping your connection with nourishment to change your total body composition.


 Your Mindset is the driving force behind this transformation.

As you use it to transform your body, so does your life. We understand that going on a fitness transformation journey when juggling a packed schedule and battling exhaustion, can be a formidable challenge. We will help you keep a positive mindset that serves as the bedrock for your transformation to ensure your success.

Savages don’t merely tread the path; they forge it. In the Savage – Unleashed program, you’ll gain access to weekly check-ins with your dedicated coach, Josh Evans. These sessions extend beyond progress updates; they present opportunities for you to address concerns, seek guidance, and pose questions.


On top of that, you’ll become part of an integral community of Savages. These are individuals, much like yourself, treading the paths of their transformative journeys, confronting challenges head-on, and championing each other’s victories. We will keep you in line, call out your bullsh*t, and give you the motivation you need to maintain consistency.

You will see noticable improvements in the areas of your:


Evolving into a More Robust Version of Yourself  

We take a deep dive into your daily routines and sleep patterns to ensure your body gets the essential rest it needs to rejuvenate and perform at its best. In addition to tailoring your workouts, we’ll assist you in integrating essential recovery movement routines into your everyday life, even on those hectic days when you don’t feel like you can. Through crafting your customized lifestyle blueprint we can guarantee you get both the physical and mental rest needed for your journey.


Savage Unleashed isn’t just some workout program; it’s a quest towards a healthier you, more better existence and the best version of yourself. When you’ve tapped into that inner Savage, you can unleash it at ANYTIME you need to. This will help you confront challenges head-on, maintain unwavering consistency, exude focus and discipline, and bolster your self-confidence as the man/woman who gets sh*t done, doesn’t take no for answer and is a force to be reckoned with.



Ready to Step Up Your Game?

It’s time to make those dreams of having a better physique, fitter body and a new you a REALITY. If you are tired of feeling like you’ve sold yourself short, if you are tired of not getting the attention and respect you deserve and if you are sick of being unhappy with what you see in the mirror, then you can make a choice. 

Find reasons to stay a slob.



Are You READY to STOP make excuses and START WINNING?

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